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About the Artist

About Doug Bauer Art

Doug Bauer creates abstract paintings that combine color field techniques and action painting. Bauer strives to awaken the raw emotion that can be evoked through the use of vivid color and texture.

His paintings have been referred to as abstracted landscapes. Bauer acknowledges that he draws inspiration from nature and the distinct four seasons that are an integral part of living and working in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Bauer has exhibited his work in galleries across Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico. His work has also been featured at The Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His paintings are a part of numerous private and corporate collections across the country.

Artist Resume

Solo Exibitions


The Chalkboard
Tulsa, OK | 2015

Tulsa, OK | 2014

Girouard Vines
Tulsa, OK | 2011

Performing Arts Center
Tulsa, OK | 2007

Wild Fork
Tulsa, OK | 2007

Sisneros Fine Art
Tulsa, OK | 2005

Group Exibitions


Mayfest Invitational Gallery
Tulsa, OK | 2010-2017

Tulsa Artists Coalition
Tulsa, OK | 2003, 2005, 2015-2017

Tulsa, OK | 2009, 2013-2016

Wild Fork
Tulsa, OK | 2015

Philbrook Museum
Tulsa, OK | 2007-2008, 2013

Invited Artist Gallery
Oklahoma City, OK | 2008

Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition
Oklahoma City, OK | 2004-2007

Gallery Artist


Savage Gallery
Tulsa, OK | 2012-2013

Prairie’s Edge Gallery
Tulsa, OK | 2009

Framemaker Gallery
Tulsa, OK | 2006-2009

DDP Gallery
Fayetteville, AR | 2007-2009

Pearl Gallery
Tulsa, OK | 2006, 2009

Claussen Gallery
Tulsa, OK | 2006-2007

Mainsite Contemporary
Norman, OK | 2006

Sisneros Fine Art
Tulsa, OK | 2005-2006

Houshang’s Gallery
Santa Fe, NM | 2005

Pierson Gallery
Tulsa, OK | 2005

Ryan Gallery
Tulsa, OK | 2004

Floating World Gallery
Tulsa, OK | 2004